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The developers of RS claim that the best method for learning a new language is to be immersed in an environment that emulates the conditions under which we learned our first language and to tap into the same naturalistic and intuitive mechanisms we used in order to learn the new language in a fun and effortless manner.

They have for this purpose developed a method they refer to as dynamic immersion, the foundation of which rests on association building and on interactions with other learners and with native speak- ers. There is no use of translation, memorization, explicit metalinguistic discussion, or focus on form mapping of linguistic forms to functions. The association during learning is made possible through the joint use of pictures, audio, and text that provides contextual cues and pushes the learner to think in the language without making use of their first language.

The focus of the method is thus more on meaning and functions than on form, as such terms are defined by Doughty and Long Rosetta Course3 which does not depend on an internet connection is exactly the same as in the third version of RS. Version 4 offers online components these require that users be connected to the in- ternet at all times , namely Rosetta Studio and Rosetta World. In Rosetta Studio, learners can schedule live classes with native teachers of the language they are learning, and in Rosetta World learners have the opportunity to engage in a series of activities and games with other people learning the same language or with native speakers of that language.

Each Core Lesson focuses on a single topic and specific grammar points the latter being done implicitly with no explicit focus on linguistic structure. After each Core Lesson, users can choose specific exercise types e. Most of the exercises found in the Focus sections are, however, already included in the Core Lesson these are marked in color instead of in gray with the same format and content. The product comes with four CD-ROMs one containing the installation software and the other three the specific language levels. Also included are a headset with a microphone and a multiple-CD set called Audio Companion containing the audio material presented in the soft- ware.

RS also includes a 6-month money-back guarantee with a no-questions-asked policy if customers are not satisfied with the product. Rosetta World interacts directly with Rosetta Course, given that the activities and games in Rosetta World are only unlocked i. Rosetta World also has a live feed which indicates in real time what other RS users have achieved and allows users to interact with each other, either by playing games in- dividually or jointly or by engaging in a sort of tandem practice.

Rosetta World and Rosetta Studio are available for a limited period of 3 months but can be extended upon additional payment. Figure 3 shows the Rosetta World interface. In addition, given the widespread use of RS, there are various forums on the web where users can ask questions and get answers from other RS users. Users are however not made aware of this and might not come across these useful documents.

internal mic won't work

The complete installation procedure, including the software and adding each language level to the software, took 20 minutes but ran smoothly; no problems were encountered. When running the program for the first time, users are asked to create an ac- count which consists of entering a user name, selecting their gender and age for the purposes of speech recognition, choosing which course mode they would like to follow from a menu Standard, Speaking and Listening Focus, Reading and Writing, etc. The selection of course mode see Figure 4 influences the type of activities presented after the Core Lesson, the order and length of each activity, and the points at which the review sections are presented the Core Lesson is the same regard- less of mode.

At any point in each lesson, users have the possibility of exiting, pausing only possible at transitions between exercises, and the pause button only appears for a couple of seconds , or skipping the exercise or lesson altogether a feature not possible for the Review sections. Figure 5 Tracking Another feature of RS is its proprietary speech recognition system.

Taking advantage of the fact that this reviewer is a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese, he experimented extensively with the speech system. At all the different levels of precision offered, he distorted his accent to a level of thickness similar to that of a stereotypical nonnative speaker of Portuguese even leaving out words, mispronouncing several sounds, changing several stress-bearing syllables in a single utterance, etc. In quite a few of these cases, the input was accepted by the sys- tem, even when the speech recognition threshold was set to maximum. In other tests the system refused to accept his normal native pronunciation.

It is worth noting that when no input is captured by the system e. The reviewer believes that listening to both audio files simultaneously instead of playing one after the other would give users a much better idea of their progress in pronunciation. Moreover, despite being a quite interest- ing technological feature, he does not see how ordinary language learners could benefit from such graphic depictions see Figure 6 without proper linguistic or phonetic training.

Figure 6 Graphic Representation of Pronunciation One more component of RS worthy of mention is the inclusion of an optional virtual keyboard that can be used during the writing exercises, which is especially useful for languages with a non-Latin character set. Moreover, the navigation through the program was smooth. Activities Procedure Each unit in RS explores a different topic and introduces users to relevant vocabulary, sen- tences, structures implicitly , and functions associated with that topic.

The great majority of these activities are tutorials, and a few of them pronunciation and speak- ing are actually more typical of drill-and-practice exercises. All the activity types with the Milestone photonovel being slightly different generally follow a format of two to six pictures on the screen.

Troubleshoot Microphone Errors in Rosetta Stone

For some activities, it is not very clear what users need to do. The instructions for each activity are not automatically dis- played on the screen at the start of the activity but are instead accessible through an ever present question mark that at times blinks for no apparent reason see Figure 7. The lack of direct instructions on the screen seems to be an unfortunate point. Furthermore, in some cases, the instructions are misleading. For example, vocabu- lary items in Level 3 Unit 1 are prepositions, object names, and names for open spaces e. There is some implicit attention to syntax, vocabulary, and spelling in the units, but no explicit focus on morphology or discourse.

The lack of focus on discourse is easily noticeable throughout the three levels of Rosetta Course, given that the majority of exchanges are either one or two sentences long, with the sentences becoming considerably longer in some parts of Level 3. Even at higher levels, however, very few of the sentences are inserted in more elaborate discourse contexts.

Rosetta Studio and Rosetta World, on the other hand, provide discourse contexts in which learners hold conversa- tions with Studio coaches, as well as with other learners and native speakers. Rosetta World and Rosetta Studio, however, are a welcome addition to Rosetta Course be- cause they have improved on some of the flaws present in prior versions these will be dis- cussed shortly.

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Rosetta World see Figure 8 allows users to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired in Rosetta Course by taking part in engaging games and activities either alone Solo mode , with other learners of the same language Duo mode , or even with native speakers of the language they are learning Simbio mode6. Figure 8 Solo Mode, Duo Mode, or Simbio Mode The reading passages presented in Rosetta World make it possible for users to both read and listen to the content and also to see pictures of selected words in the text see Figure 9.

While the activities and stories in Rosetta World are incrementally unlocked according to the progress made in Rosetta Course, Rosetta Studio sessions for a given level can be scheduled regardless of the fact that users might not actually have completed the specific lesson that the live practice session tar- gets. Teacher Fit Approach In the past decades, there have been a plethora of approaches to language learning, some emphasizing the RS point of view e.

As children, we interact through language with other speakers, thus learning the language in a highly social, affective, and rich manner. In addition, children do not have the linguistic background that adults can refer to in order to make the learning of a second language easier. Nevertheless, some established principles of language acquisition are in- tegrated into the method, such as constant review of previously covered material, multimodal integration sounds, pictures, and words , and use of a diverse range of target structures Chapelle, However, in order to bring a truly socially and linguistically rich environment to the method, the type of immersion and interaction provided by these components still shows room for improvement.

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  • As Doughty and Long , p. The theoretical and empirical support make them features which should probably characterize any approach to language teaching, task- based or otherwise. In terms of rich input, this is not the case with RS most of the time, but Rosetta World and Rosetta Studio present somewhat more natural-sounding language than Rosetta Course.


    The language and pronunciation used in the exercises and by the teachers in the live sessions of Rosetta Studio can be said to be either neutral or many times quite artificial compared to how Portuguese is actually spoken in Brazil. In Rosetta Studio, the amount of interaction is considerably higher.

    The students participating in the live sessions interact both with the teacher and with each other, through role plays led by the teacher. Having requested an acquaintance of mine Romanian nationality who speaks some Portuguese to take part in two live sessions with three other speakers, the reviewer noticed however that each of the students probably spoke for less than 10 minutes during the minute sessions. In spite of the fact that some desirable features are present during these live sessions, such as the ability for the teacher to move objects around in the pictures see Figure 10 and write both prompts and unknown vocabulary on the screen, one of the teach- ers quite often did not correct errors made by the students.

    The infrequent correction of wrong input by the teacher and the fact that a good share of the interaction in Rosetta Studio and in Rosetta World is between nonnative speakers of the language might lead to two undesirable effects: fossilization of wrong struc- tures and a false sense of linguistic accuracy in the learners.

    Even though there are some interesting phonetic phenomena of Brazilian Portuguese that were paid attention to in the recordings such as the vowel [o] being pronounced as [u] and the vowel [e] being pronounced as [i] in unstressed syllables , the speed of delivery and in- tonation of the speakers is quite often artificial and not representative of the language one hears in Brazil.

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    Initially it will work with the internal Mic but as the level increase the mic will not be sufficient enough to use. Here is the chat dialogs. If this did not work or you have any further questions, Please Reply, Don't Rate if you are not Satisfied. I'm barely into the course, so the difficulty level has not changed.

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    I'm sure it is not you - it's Rosetta Stone. Their customer service lacks. My microphone choices just disappeared. Login to another User account. Does it work there? Daniel and 87 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you. Well, I tried everything you said.