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Without activation, you can't legally use Windows after the 30 days trial period. After activation, the Windows Genuine Advantage check works, too. If you want to access files on your Mac from within Windows, you need to create a shared folder. Click the "Shared Folders From Windows you can access the shared folder from the Explorer. The shared folder is in "My Network Places":.

VirtualBox/Tips and tricks

First don't connect your PicoScope to your Mac. Then Windows shows something like this:. Select "No, not this time", because at least for me the automatic installation didn't worked:. Click Next:. There will be again a message about destabilizing drivers, which you should confirm, then it is installed:.

Now the USB device is known and you have to check it again from the USB menu at the bottom status bar and you might need to restart Windows :. This can be imported on another Mac, but you have to delete it on the original Mac, because Microsoft doesn't allow to use the same licence for more than one installation. By Frank Buss Follow. More by the author:. Start VirtualBox and click "New" to create a new virtual machine: The default setup works for many applications, use a bigger harddisk, if you want to install more programs or more RAM, if your Mac has enough.

You should see something like this after booting: Press "Enter", choose the default for everything: NTFS file system etc. Guest Additions Now you can install the Guest Additions. There will be messages like this: Click "Continue Anyway". Finally you need to restart Windows. Cloning Now you have a barebone Windows XP installation with most updates installed, but not activated. Check "Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards", if you want to run more than one VM in the same network, because you get network problems, if there is more than one system running with the same MAC: This needs some time:.

Windows Activation When you start Windows, there will appear a key ring in the task bar after some minutes after Windows start. Click it to activate your Windows installation: Click it and activate Windows: No, you don't need to register, if you don't want: After entering the product code, the activation is done: Without activation, you can't legally use Windows after the 30 days trial period. PicoScope installation If you want to access files on your Mac from within Windows, you need to create a shared folder.

Then Windows shows something like this: and a "Hardware Wizard" window.

[SOLVED] Installing Windows XP in VirtualBox, cannot send F8 key

If the device that you are looking for does not show up on any of the menus in the section above and you have tried all three USB controller options, boot up your VM three seperate times. Once using the USB 1. Leave the VM running for at least 5 minutes after startup.

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Sometimes Windows will autodetect the device for you. Be sure you filter any devices that are not a keyboard or a mouse so they do not start up at boot. This ensures that Windows will detect the device at start-up. To access Apache server on a Virtual Machine from the host machine only , simply execute the following lines on the host:. Where is the port the host should listen on and 80 is the port the VM will send Apache's signal on. To use a port lower than on the host machine, changes need to be made to the firewall on that host machine. This can also be set up to work with SSH or any other services by changing "Apache" to the corresponding service and ports.

This is because the connection will be made over a virtual adapter. Recent versions of Virtualbox have support for accelerating OpenGL inside guests. This can be enabled with a simple checkbox in the machine's settings, right below where video ram is set, and installing the Virtualbox guest additions. However, it is possible to gain accelerated Direct3D in your Windows guests by borrowing the d3d libraries from Wine, which translate d3d calls into OpenGL, which is then accelerated.

These libraries are now part of Virtualbox guest additions software. After enabling OpenGL acceleration as described above, reboot the guest into safe mode press F8 before the Windows screen appears but after the Virtualbox screen disappears , and install Virtualbox guest additions, during install enable checkbox "Direct3D support". Reboot back to normal mode and you should have accelerated Direct3D.

However, once the new VMDKs are saved and you move on to another machine, you may experience problems launching an appropriate machine again. To get rid of this issue, you can use the following script to launch VirtualBox. If you have a dual boot system between Arch Linux and another operating system, it can become rapidly tedious to switch back and forth if you need to work in both.

Also, by using virtual machines, you just have a tiny fragment of your computer power, which can cause issues when working on projects requiring performance. This guide will let you reuse, in a virtual machine, your native Arch Linux installation when you are running your second operating system.

This way, you keep the ability to run each operating system natively, but have the option to run your Arch Linux installation inside a virtual machine. Depending on your hard drive setup, device files representing your hard drives may appear differently when you will run your Arch Linux installation natively or in virtual machine. Windows are abstracting the fake RAID device. To circumvent this problem, we will need to use an addressing scheme that is persistent to both systems.

This can be achieved using UUIDs. Make sure your boot loader and fstab file is using UUIDs, otherwise fix this issue. Read fstab and Persistent block device naming. Make sure your mkinitcpio configuration uses the HOOK block :. If it is not present, add it and regenerate the initramfs. Boot the host which will use the Arch Linux virtual machine. The command will need to be adapted according to the host you have.

There are 3 ways to achieve this: login as root, changing the access right of the device with chmod , adding your user to the disk group. The latter way is the more elegant, let us proceed that way:. Adapt the above command to your need, especially the path and filename of the VMDK location and the raw disk location to map which contain your Arch Linux installation. On Windows, as the disk filename convention is different from UNIX, use this command to determine what drives you have in your Windows system and their location:.

Change the Host Key in VirtualBox

There are other limitations regarding the aforementioned command when used in other operating systems like OS X, please thus read carefully the manual page , if you are concerned. Then, the newly raw disk needs to be attached to the machine. Indeed, you must specify its hardware configuration as close as possible as your native machine: turning on the 3D acceleration, increasing video memory, setting the network interface, etc. Finally, you may want to seamlessly integrate your Arch Linux with your host operating system and allow copy pasting between both OSes.

In some cases it may be useful to install a native Arch Linux system while running another operating system: one way to accomplish this is to perform the installation through VirtualBox on a raw disk. If the existing operating system is Linux based, you may want to consider following Install from existing Linux instead.

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This scenario is very similar to Run a native Arch Linux installation inside VirtualBox , but will follow those steps in a different order: start by Create a raw disk. The installation process is exactly the same as the steps described in VirtualBox Installation steps for Arch Linux guests , but Make sure you have a persistent naming scheme and Make sure your mkinitcpio image is correct.

Before starting the VM, run the following commands on the host machine [1] :. If you are attempting to install Mojave, after doing the aforementioned steps, the installer will load up but you might not be able to send keyboard or mouse input. The reason seems to be that Mojave no longer supports the USB 1. To do that first install the VirtualBox Extension pack.

How to Get a Windows XP Download Free From Microsoft, Legally

Input should work from this point onwards. If the installer is unable to properly format the bootable drive during installation and you end up in an UEFI shell, enter the following:.

how to install windows xp in virtual box on mac os x

You will now be brought to couple of obscure PCI paths. The first one is the one that you just attempted to boot from and it did not work. The second or third one should be the one with the MacOS recovery partition that you need to load to continue the installation. Click the second Entry. If it's empty, press Esc to go back and select the third entry. Once you get one with folders click though the folders. Once you click enter on the boot.