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Effective September 4, , OverDrive for Mac will no longer be available for download and Mac users will no longer see the option to download audiobook titles at your OverDrive website. OverDrive for Mac is available for macOS versions The developers are fully aware of the move to bit, but knowledge is not enough :.

It will no longer run if you update to Catalina, and there are no plans to make a new version that will.

Microsoft Office is finally available on Apple's Mac App Store

DragThing is not the only example. Many individuals and businesses purchased Microsoft Office and have been running this vital software suite on their Macs with no problem. With the update to Catalina, these bit applications no longer work. The good news is that Microsoft does have bit versions available for macOS.

For some that will be a convenience, for others such as small charitable organisations this will be an undue burden on finances. Update: I have lived to regret it. I work in a school and they only use Microsoft so this function is quite essential. Do they need to edit the document, or just see it? It would just be in case as an example i spotted a spelling mistake or an incorrect statement, i could log on and fix it without having to wait to go home. It would mean i could have documents saved on a memory pen and print them using work printers etc.

Apr 17, PM in response to cnesbitt In response to cnesbitt Apr 17, PM. Apr 18, AM in response to cnesbitt In response to cnesbitt Read that again, because you want native document interchange with other Office users to avoid anomalies due to translations from non-Microsoft applications.

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Especially Apple's products. Apple's applications are not individual clones of Microsoft counterparts, and translate proprietary Apple document content into Office document content. Apple does not guarantee conversion accuracy.

What Features Are Missing from the Mac Versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote?

This is a Mavericks community. For Office for Mac, you will need to be running Yosemite Apr 18, AM.

Question: Q: new Mac user, What are Apple's equivalent to microsoft office? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Office , launched in , is the cloud-based version of Office, but usually provides access to the full desktop programs as well.

What Is Microsoft Word for Mac?

Windows users also get Microsoft Publisher and the Access database. However, the family version, Office Home , is far better value.

Everyone gets their own terabyte of storage, up to 6TB in all. Also, Microsoft claims that Office is better than Office First, the programs have more and better features, because they are continuously updated.

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  • The Office versions are fixed. Second, Office has various collaborative and AI-based cloud features. Lots of programs claim they can read Microsoft Word. As mentioned, the success rate generally depends on the Word features you use. If you only write plain texts, you should be fine. Just keep your original files, instead of overwriting them. Otherwise, your best bet is LibreOffice 6. LibreOffice is both open source and free, so it will only cost you the time needed to try it. The less-well-known German suite SoftMaker Office has a ribbon interface and uses Microsoft Office file formats by default, without conversion.

    Of course, nothing stops you from using both. Have you got a question?