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What one did you select when uploading? Have you tried a different USB cable? But Arduboy does not. I must have installed these drivers for my Arduino boards not my Arduboy. Sorry to lead you astray, chrisz. Searching google for Arduino errors? Check out Arduboy, a mini Arduino powered game console! Only this page has this secret coupon!

Arduboy port is nowhere to be seen but used to be. It was not at all necessary to install drivers or make them on the Linux machines - but I did install them for the Mac.

Downloaded from the Chinese site. A bit of a challenge as I don't read Chinese - but the little cloud symbol with a down arrow kind of gave me a clue. Info on Github is really good too.

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Then I found in a german web article that from time to time you have to reinstall the IDE after a system update of the kernel, so that the serial USB interface works again. I didn't do it but my Nano started to blink when connected to the USB port so I thought it couldn't be out of order and should work anyhow. Do you have links to the driver downloads that are not html pages? This is super helpful!! Thanks for posting! Wouldn't have been able to get this working on my own without these drivers.


Question 1 year ago on Step 2. I ran this step without having Yosemite, then restarted. Anyone familiar with solutions? Upon restart my Mac remained off.

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3 FTDI Driver Fix - January 31, 2018

Ou ou. How can I revert that? On Sierra with a MBP 5,1. Reply 2 years ago. I can't get this working with Windows 10 - I run the install for the driver then Windows takes over and tries to load its own drivers - then I keep getting Code 31 in device manager on the nano. By samuelabc Follow. More by the author:. About: Hello, My name is Samuel, I am a student. I love micro controllers like arduino, they are my favorite interest.

I also do geocaching, a worldwide treasure hunt game. I hope you enjoy my instructables! Add Teacher Note. For the drivers to work for you, you will have to do this before you reboot your mac: 1.

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Open terminal 2. Once done, restart your computer. Did you make this project? This one though? It breaks communication, the end-user will complain to the correct person the one who made the device with the clone, knowingly or unknowingly and hopefully it will cause that vendor to address their supply chain issues or design in another device. Another commenter had the great idea that the driver could stop working and in some form systray app?

They disabled devices affecting consumers both times and affected the counterfeiters not at all. It spews garbage into the data that software should compensate is of no consequence here. Instead of making us jump through hoops to get fixed hardware, firmware and drivers start with getting the counterfeits off eBay and Amazon.

This is like curing an epidemic by killing off the infected and not seeking a cure or prevention methods. End user will never see the message the driver is sending, for them shit just broke.

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Refuse to work at all eject the USB device maybe? FTDI has absolutely NO responsibility nor requirement to do anything at all with a chip that claims to be theirs, regardless of who eventually ended up buying a widget that uses the fake chip. I got bit by this just this weekend. The converter then worked right away.

I am glad not to have to mess with the stupid drivers, but those dang liars on ebay…. Nothing is wrong with buying on ebay. Although in this case he had way to much work fixing his new bought device. Better to revert to a known working driver version and perhaps avoid FTDI in the future.

Naah, not too much work.

Took me less than 10 minutes to swap the chip. Back in the day, though, I bought all of my chips from an authorized US distributor Saelig. This should not be.

FTDI driver install (Mac) -

Most of our little twiddly-blinky devices should have switched over to pure USB interface long ago. So, why is it this way now? OK, so some devices legitimately are native serial devices, maybe even with console monitor function, and serial works best. Not really. Is it hard to write code that works with USB? I really do think we need, yet again, to try to take over VIDs such as 0xF and find a way to keep the database decentralized.

I can do this even now on Linux. For instance, new Cisco s have a USB console cable. Even if it is one-time, it is way to much money for just a number and no option for small and hobby projects. There has to be another way — not necessary using serial bridges. The USB-IF was organized by a group of large hardware manufacturers hoping to squeeze out smaller manufacturers.

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