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Aaron Griffin is a self-taught illustrator and concept artist known especially for his figure paintings his work even graced the cover of our sister magazine ImagineFX. He's generously offering up the Photoshop brushes he uses to create his digital paintings, free of charge.

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The second instalment of a popular set of free Photoshop brushes from Creative Nerds, Thick Acrylic Paint Strokes volume 2 lets you quickly add an authentic paint effect to your illustrations. The brushes are free for both personal and commercial work — but you're not permitted to redistribute or modify them for resale.

How to Install Photoshop Brushes

Paint Lines Photoshop brushes include 24 very hi-res brushes that will provide a real-media feel to your design work. Some brushes look like paint tin marks, while others are thicker, meaning there's lots of options within the pack.

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  • A. Adding a new Brush Collection to Photoshop.

These high-resolution dry brushes are fantastically detailed, bristly and texture-rich. Featuring whispy lines and detailed edges, they're perfect for roughing up your artwork or distressing your edges. Artist Kirk Wallace created these Dry Brush Photoshop brushes at home using ink and paper, and offers them to you for free.

Perfect for creating rough, harsh textures, they're also dynamic — you can click and drag to span larger areas without getting an ugly repeat effect, or you can paint with them. Dripping Paint brushes will add realistic dribbles of paint to your digital designs. They're the work of DeviantArt user LilithDemoness and there are 14 in the set to choose from.

How to Add Fonts to Photoshop (Mac and Windows)

Creative Nerds is offering this spray paint effect Photoshop brush set completely free. The pack includes four high-res brushes px each. Use them to add a distressed effect to your paintings. Concept artist Darek Zabrocki created this speedpainting set of brushes. The artist has worked for some of the biggest projects and companies in the fantasy art world, including Assassin's Creed, Magic: The Gathering and Halo Wars 2.

He's generously offering the set of Photoshop brushes he uses for his speedpaintings for free download. If you're looking to create a soft, hazy aesthetic in your work, try this free furry watercolour Photoshop brush from Heygrey. It is described as a 'furry watercolour brush', and the creator suggests using it to create hazy backgrounds.

We're especially impressed with the realistic watercolour effect that has been achieved here.

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  5. This large-scale watercolour spray Photoshop brush is handy for creating a watercolour spray effect in your digital artwork. The creator has achieved an impressively authentic effect, which you can apply to your own artwork with ease.

    • 20 Best Photoshop Brushes For Creative Designers!
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    These watercolour splatters were created with the help of professional-quality watercolour paint on cold press watercolour paper. This set of free Photoshop brushes was created by designer Matt Heath using an 8B Staedtler pencil and custom settings giving a natural feel and wide variety of textures. Introducing designer Brittney Murphy's set of ink Photoshop brushes. Among the impressive brushes included in the set, you'll find big slabs, thin strokes, ink splotches and everything in between. Murphy generously offers these brushes for free, with no attribution necessary, however, she does ask that they're not redistributed.

    Create the effect of a soft pencil sketch, but without the grubby hands and smudged paper. With the Brush Tool selected, the easiest way to open the Brushes panel is to either press the F5 key on your keyboard press it again to close the Brushes panel or click on the Brushes panel toggle icon in the Options Bar at the top of the screen click it again to close the panel :. By default, the Brushes panel opens to the Brush Presets options you'll see the words Brush Presets highlighted in blue in the top left corner of the panel.

    In this mode, all we can do is choose from a list of ready-made brushes on the right side of the panel.

    Managing your Brushes and Brush Libraries in Photoshop: a Tutorial by Janee

    To choose any of the brushes, simply click on its thumbnail in the list. If you have Tool Tips enabled in Photoshop's Preferences, the name of each brush will appear as you hover your mouse cursor over the thumbnails. A helpful preview area along the bottom of the panel shows us what a brush stroke would look like with the currently selected brush. We can use the Master Diameter slider below the list of brushes to change the size of the brush. If all you want to do is choose a brush and paint with it, this is the place to be:. Each of the brush presets in the list on the right side of the panel comes with both a brush tip the actual shape of the brush that we see in the brush's thumbnail and a pre-selected collection of brush dynamics that control the behavior of the brush as we paint with it.

    The six categories of brush dynamics Shape Dynamics, Scattering, Texture, etc. However, if I choose a more basic brush, like one of Photoshop's standard round brushes from the top of the list, only the Shape Dynamics category is selected. In fact, depending on whether or not you have a pen tablet installed on your computer, you may not see any brush dynamics categories selected at all:.

    Let's take a look at how we can change the options in each category and how they affect the behavior of our brush, starting with the first one in the list - Shape Dynamics.