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To use the full computer name, which was confirmed in step 4, as the host name for [Host Name] as shown in the above example, it is necessary to use a DNS server.

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This applies even if the machine and the FTP server are in the same subnet. Up to alphanumeric characters can be entered for [Host Name] on the control panel.

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Also, up to alphanumeric characters can be entered for [Folder Path]. Specify the server settings within the character limits.

If you change the language of the touch panel display, [Host Name] and [Folder Path] may not appear correctly. To send to an IPv6 host, set [Host Name] using the following format: In some environments, detailed settings may be required in order to use FTP. For details, consult the administrator for the network you are using.

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  • Create a shared directory to be used for recipient addresses, and then enable read access and write access by the users who will be sending data. Host Name:. Screenshots and item names from Mac OS X When changing your computer's settings, it may be necessary to unlock the computer by clicking the key icon. Up to alphanumeric characters can be entered for [Folder Path] on the control panel.

    FAQs & Troubleshooting

    If you are using Windows Vista, a dialog box may appear while you are performing the procedure. In this case, enter a user name and password. For more information, see the manuals provided with the operating system. User name entered in step 5. Password for the above user. Click the check box to Enable Send to Network Folder and click apply at the bottom of the page.

    FTP in Mac OSX High Sierra

    Click on the "Add" button under Quick Sets. This will open Quickset Wizard. Here we will give the Quick Set a Title, description and button location. Fill in the desired information and click Next. The following screen allows the user to add a new network folder location to the Quick Set. Select the button for Save to shared folders or FTP folders.

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    Then click the "Add" button. This opens the dialog for setting up the actual folder path. The settings required are as follows: This is the path to the shared folder on the Macintosh. It is formatted as such. This is the IP address of the Macintosh -Username: This is the username of the account that will be used to scan to the Macintosh.

    Setting File Server (FTP) (Mac OS X) (MF9200 series)

    This is the password for the username that will be used to access the shared folder. Click on Verify Access. The MFP will try and access the shared folder and write a sample file. It will then delete the sample file. This process may take up to a couple of minutes. If all goes well a success message will be displayed. Click OK. The new shared folder will now display in the list under Save to shared folders or FTP.

    The next few screens walk through the various options for creating the file that will be sent to the shared folder.

    Notification Settings: Scan Settings: File Settings: After clicking next on the File Settings a Summary page will be displayed. Click Finish.

    How to Scan to FTP on a Mac OS X 10.7.x or Higher

    If they are off by too large of a margin the user authentication will fail with an "Invalid folder credentials" error. United States. Select a location.

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