Test internet connection speed on mac

Safari won't cost a Mac user a thing, but can make a pretty big difference when it comes to speed.

2. Use Helios LAN test

Already using Safari? Over time, a build-up of files can start to slow it down. Deleting some history and bookmarks will help.

In older versions, there is a "Reset Safari" option in the Safari menu. While Macs may not be as prone to viruses, malware and adware are a common issue.

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Malware and adware are essentially programs that hitchhiked a ride on something you downloaded from the internet and spy on your web browsing in order to target you with ads and pop-ups. Besides being annoying, these hidden programs can slow down your internet as they track you in the background. You can check for malware and adware with a program like Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. Sometimes, a slow Internet connection is a crowded connection. Your Mac or another device in your home may be working on the internet in the background.

How to throttle network speeds on your Mac

One of the biggest culprits is Time Machine. While backing up your computer over wi-fi is a good idea, Time Machine is automatically set to back-up every hour — and that backup process is pretty draining on your internet.

Test Your Internet Speed

A simple solution is to adjust the frequency of when Time Machine completes backups. Sometimes, the problem isn't your Mac. For example, I realized that every time I plugged my iPhone into an outlet, the automatic cloud backup started — and slowed down my internet. If your wi-fi isn't password protected, your neighbor could be piggybacking your signal too. The more devices you have using the internet at once, like watching Netflix while checking Facebook, the more speed you'll need to avoid freezes.

Router issues can cause speed issues — if your internet is just as slow when your smartphone or another device is connected to wi-fi, chances are, the issue isn't inside your Mac.

How to See Your Current Wi-Fi Connection Speed in Mac OS X

Try restarting your router by turning it off, waiting a few seconds and turning it back again. You may also want to relocate your router or use a repeater, see the best WiFi range extenders for home so it's closer to where you connect the most — make sure to avoid objects that can affect the signal like metal and microwaves. If you are using an old router, an upgrade could help boost your internet speed. Note that this backup interval is specified in seconds, so one hour which is the default has a value of 3, Your Internet speed might seem very slow if you have dozens of open tabs in your browser, or applications which remain permanently connected to the Internet.

However, some people swear by other popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. There are a few apps which promise to optimise your Mac and speed it up.

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Applications which free up your disk space and memory can also help to increase your Internet speed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Make sure your Mac is not close to a corner or a wall. Also rotate it and see if the performance improves. I moved and had terrible problems.

Mac Gems: Speedy Net is a simple tool for testing your network performance

Then I saw this advice on the web and so moved my Mac. Instant improvement. Before we get started After spending over 20 years working with Macs, both old and new, theres a tool I think would be useful to every Mac owner who is experiencing performance issues. If for example the Duplex settings are different, then you might want to change them back to the standard settings. Otherwise, just leave them as they are. You may also like. OS X No more autocorrect slip-ups!

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